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SynAck from Badlands // 2077-05-08 20:01:30:

Oy, chummer! Long time, no chip, yeah? Out here doin' a milkrun of some PREEM CHROME to some choombas from the Aldecaldos. Looks like they're gearin' up for something big against Militech! Or was it BioTechnica? Man, these nomads got so many beefs with people out here, it's hard to keep 'em straight!

Anyway, I just wanted to check in. I'll hit you up on the holo when I get back into City Center...IF I get back. Ride or die, choom!

LambdaCalculus from Watson // 2077-04-15 20:57:41:

Love to the corteximplant crew from!

JadedTwin's Guestbook Ghost from Dogtown // 2077-04-15 20:50:46:

I don't have a cat, but if I did and I let it walk on my keyboard this is what it would type out as I desperately and cautiously attempt to retrieve the cat from said keyboard but ultimately I would fail as it continues to write this absurdly specific guestbook netnote while rubbing against the monitor purring loudly much to my pleasure as well as my horrifying dismay at it's ability to accidentally create something coherent from its fuzzy little bean toes that deftly write this silly message :)

PhantomNet from Heywood // 2077-04-15 15:57:39:

Ramses, a cryptic message awaits you at Watson. It is time for you to unravel the mysteries that lie within. Your presence is urgently requested. The answers you seek are waiting for you.

halifax from Badlands // 2077-04-14 18:47:53:

its broken. thanks to you. love it as hell.

Vlad from Westbrook // 2077-04-14 18:10:56:

Vlad was here

Pingu from Watson // 2077-04-11 22:38:07:

Choom, when will you be back in Watson?

54/\/\ from Heywood // 2077-04-11 22:11:50:

53|\||) |\||_||)35

datarez from Dogtown // 2077-04-11 22:01:30:

“Reality’s a horde of mice, nibbling away in the basement of your dreams.…”

Mole Rat from Pacifica // 2077-04-11 17:37:49:

what is this sorcery

CyberCat from Badlands // 2077-04-11 16:57:53:

Hack the planet choom!

Ramses from // 2024-04-10 22:11:14:

Hello world!